J. Pamela Price, Attorney-at-Law

Although her primary focus is on Real Estate Law, she also practices in the areas of Foreclosures, Estate Planning, Probate, and Corporate Formations.

Answers from an experienced Real Estate Lawyer...

Picture of the South Carolina State House in Columbia, SC.What type of Insurance do I need?

There are three types of insurance generally associated with a real estate closing: Title Insurance, Homeowners’ Insurance and Mortgage Insurance...

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Picture of real estate law books.What is a HUD-1 Settlement Statement?

Federal Law requires a Hud-1 Settlement Statement be prepared for real estate loan transactions. This Settlement Statement should include every cost or expense related to the purchase...

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  • Real Estate Closings
        Home Equity Loan
        Contract Review
        Title Search
        Preparation of:
           Promissory Note
  • Estate Planning
        Preparation of:
              Living Will and Trust
              Health Care Power of Attorney
              Limited Power of Attorney
              Durable Power of Attorney
         Probating Estate
  • Foreclosure
  • Corporate Formations